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Altius Renewable Royalties Reports Apex to Buy Out Remainder of Royalty Financing Following Exercise of Change of Control Option

Altius Renewable Royalties (TSX: ARR) (OTCQX: ATRWF) (“ARR”) reports that Apex Clean Energy (“Apex”) has exercised a change of control-based option to redeem the remaining residual royalty financing provided by its joint venture subsidiary Great Bay Renewables (“Great Bay”). The option exercise follows the recently announced sale of a majority interest in Apex. Great Bay will retain the previously disclosed three royalties it has earned to date under the Apex investment agreement.


Under the buyout option terms, the provisional purchase consideration, including a buyout premium calculated under the investment agreement, is approximately US$70 million, $41.7 million of which is a cash payment, with the remainder representing an estimated value ascribed to the retained royalties in accordance with the agreement. There can be no assurance that the provisional value ascribed to the retained royalties under the agreement will be achieved. A formal valuation of the retained royalties will be completed 6 months following the achievement of commercial operations for each project, as prescribed by the original terms of the investment agreements, and true-up payments to Great Bay or Apex may be made at that time to account for any differences between current provisionally estimated amounts and the formal royalty valuation calculations.


About ARR

ARR is a recently formed renewable energy company whose business is to provide long-term, royalty level investment capital to renewable power developers, operators, and originators through its joint venture Great Bay Renewables. The Company combines industry expertise with innovative, partner-focused solutions to further the growth of the renewable energy sector as it fulfills its critical role in enabling the global energy transition.

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